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Diagnostic Assessments

Are you unsure whether you or your child is dyslexic or not?
Would you like to make 100% sure?

Dyslexia&i offers private and comprehensive testing for dyslexia with a full report confirming either way. These reports can be used to gain specialist support at school or at work. Your child may also qualify for examination concessions, also known as access arrangements (e.g. extra time, a reader and/or scribe etc.).

Once tested and diagnosed with dyslexia, Dyslexia&i also offer specialist 1:1 tutoring to supplement key life and academic skills as additional support at school or work.

You may also opt for a full Davis® programme to master dyslexia at any level and turn it into the gift it is meant to be.

Shweta Soni BA(Hons), OCR Level 7 Dip, AMBDA, SpLDAPC. Current Practicing Certificate Awarded by BDA.

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Please note: The additional services describe on this page are supplemental to the basic Davis® programmes. They are offered as a separate and distinct add-on to the Davis® programmes, and are provided in distinct contexts on separate schedules.