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Back To School... Whyyyyy

Back To School... Whyyyyy

Friday 30th August 2019

The start of September is arguably one of the most taxing times of the year for students, parents and even teachers. The constant reminder of the end of a long awaited and glorious summer filled with warm sunshine, epic trips and control over your own time can create that horrible stomach feeling. The one we have ALL had, yes including parents and teachers. The fact of the matter is, the words 'back to school,' generally brings a chill running down the spine.

And that's for the general public who don't mind school once their in the swing of things. But what if you can't stand school with every fibre of your being? What if the pressure of being in the classroom, the reading of words that don't stay still, the constant confusion with numerical symbols, the expectations, the comparisons with your friends who just seem to get it, what if all this actually causes you to feel physical sensations of being sick?

If this is the boat you are on, the biggest thing for you to know is, you are not alone! There are so many other students in your classroom, in your school and across the country who are feeling the exact same thing you are.

Here are some practical things you can do to help yourself:

  • Take control of this time by organising yourself. Knowing are sorted, manageable and organised is a big way to calm down nerves and anxieties. Know your new timetable, or if you don't get your timetable until you go back to school, make a list of all your current subjects and make sure to have your stationary and books ready alongside each subject. Pack your bag for your first day. Wash, Iron and lay out your uniform ready for a great start.
  • Breathing deeply. This has been a proven method to calm down the nervous system for a while now. Just for a few moments, close your eyes in your room, away from noise and distractions, and breathe slowly. You may find that the knot in your stomach or your clenched shoulders may just ease a little bit.
  • Imagination is your superpower - USE IT! Your creativity, your wonderful ability to make mental images with ease, your imagination is your gift. Often we can abuse this gift. Have you noticed how after watching a horror movie, your mind tells you theres something outside your window? Or that sound you heard is under your bed? Your body will listen to your mind and start to shiver, shake, sweat and your heart beats faster as adrenaline pours through your system getting you ready to run. The imagination can make you or break you. Why not use it to empower yourself? Sit down and go through the whole first day of school in your mind. See your imaginary body go through the gates and allow yourself to feel fresh, awake and excited. Watch yourself in your lesson with your friends and feel good.
  • Gratitude is everything. Often, especially during the teenage years, it can feel very difficult to feel grateful for anything. Much more tempting to succumb to boredom, feeling awkward, loneliness or just giving up. But gratitude can make such a recognisable difference. Sit down and write out all the thing you are grateful for. The chance to be given a fresh start. The ability to control your own learning. The fact that your future could be super bright once you find your calling. Your parents. Your friends. Every little moment of gratitude will add up and before you know it, September will feel like an exciting opportunity to make this year fantastic.
  • Last minute homework. Make sure you have checked your planner from last year and have completed all your summer homework.There is nothing as demoralising as starting a new year with homework excuses and awkward conversations with teachers. Trust me, you don't want it, and to be honest, neither do teachers. Start super well and use this last weekend to nail down your work, complete all tasks and put everything into your school bag ready for the new term. You should feel a super satisfied glow inside yourself when you do, and it's so worth it!
  • Read or Listen to a fun story. Reading may or may not be your thing, but audio books are such an amazing creation to still delve into a story. Story telling has been a part of human history since the dawn of mankind. It is a powerful tool we possess to be able to use our creativity to the maximum. Stories also tell us how to cope with situations, how to find courage in moments of fear, how to brave the weaknesses. Characters in stories often reflect everyday life and when we read or listen to them, we often find a part of our own selves staring back at us. It's nice to know we are not alone in how we feel and that you may find a solution at the end of that story. Or, it may just be nice to forget about school and be a part of another magical world that can help regulate your emotions towards balance. Have you noticed how Harry Potter always starts with going back to school?

To finish, let me assure you, you are not alone in feeling oncoming gloom. But it is in your hands how to choose to go forwards. Take control and make it an opportunity. Start fresh and be inspired. Love life, because you only have this one. And more than anything, trust yourself to be able to make the best out of anything, including going back to school.