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The Procrastination Bug

The Procrastination Bug

Monday 26th October 2020
Let's face it, we all get it some time!

Are you a rational decision maker or an instant gratification needer? A conscientious worker in the now, or a procrastinator waiting for 'later'?

#toptip an excellent way to beat the procrastination bug is to create a short list of very simple tasks. Completing each little task will give you a rush of dopamine, which is a pleasure brain chemical. This incentivises you to keep going - SOOOO much easier than having one huge task to do or avoid.

Even if you have a long essay to write, break it up into super short tasks, e.g.
1. Create a new document and write the heading
2. Save the document
3. Research the topic - watch YouTube videos on the war, or someone else explaining the plot of MacBeth (it is so confusing!)
4. Create a mindmap of different ideas (they don't have to be good or long at this stage, they just have to be something)
5. Write the first paragraph (again doesn't have to be amazing right now, just has to be something to get you going)
6. Write the next one.. etc.
7. Write the conclusion
8. Write your introduction last (this is often the hardest bit and the thing that stops you from diving straight into your essay in the first place)
9. After a few hours, proof read your work - if that's hard, use the reader tool on your laptop to read out the text to you while you listen

Tick each bit of the list as you go, it is super satisfying!! I can already feel the dopamine powering me on to the next task on the list.

Hope this helps! And remember, Christmas isn't too far away, so keep the twinkle lights in sight to push you now for a more relaxed time over the holidays.