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"Being able to control my visual ability has made it easier to remember what I have read and definitely made it more fun."

Josie (Client, aged 14)

"The Davis programme gives tools, it gives relief, it empowers the person with the learning difference, dyslexia. I find it so sad that all these struggling learners face daily self doubt and lowering self confidence, who could easily be empowered through a programme with Shweta. We have recommended a programme with Shweta to a number of people and all 3 of our own children have completed different programmes with her, benefitting hugely in a myriad of ways: academically, socially, emotionally and personally. It is a life long relationship with Shweta and all my children absolutely adore her!"

Steve and Reneé (Parents)

"Before the programme, I was confused at how other people could finish their work before I could and I was frustrated at how I was the only one sitting next to a teacher when everyone else didn't have to.

But now after working with Shweta, I have mind tools that I can use when I am confused. They make me really happy because now I don't have to sit next to a teacher and I can finish my work at the same time as everyone in school. I can also concentrate more easily whenever I want to and I can use the clay for homework and get 100% on my spellings.

Before the programme I was reading books like 'The Cat in the Hat,' but now I have finished reading all 7 Harry Potter books and really loved them, which were hard to read before I had my mind's eye tool. I use my tools for school and for cricket as I am better at fielding and batting because of being able to stay calm. I feel happier at school and feel good doing my homework because I know I will be able to do it well."

Hector (Client, aged 9)