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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

Dyscalculia is having difficulty with maths or an inability to use numbers.

Struggling with maths, numbers, symbols and word problems is fairly common among children and adults. Though essential to pass a maths GCSE, maths is crucial for everyday life; paying bills, calculating your mortgage and budgeting effectively. A fear of numbers or mathematical symbols can lead to a lifetime of uncertainty and anxiety.

A Davis Maths Programme will:

  • Build key maths skills from basic to advanced
  • Eliminate fear of numbers and maths symbols - through clay based techniques
  • Develop awareness of how to understand basic to advanced maths
  • Increase confidence with word problems
  • Master essential concepts in understanding mathematical techniques

After the Davis Maths Programme, a motivated individual will substantially increase their confidence in dealing with numbers and in their mathematical ability. This is my guarantee.

Contact me for a friendly discussion and for further details.

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford


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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

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