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Dysgraphia Help

Dysgraphia Help

Dysgraphia is the difficulty or inability to write including messy, chaotic and strenuous handwriting or a complete dislike to hold a pen or pencil. It can result in letter reversals and word alterations.

Poorly developed motor skills and confusion over writing letters leave the individual feeling disturbed and uncomfortable, leading to a dislike and inability to write well or clearly.

Feel like you are too reliant on word processors to write properly? Would you like some help with this? A Davis programme is just what you need.
After the Davis programme, a motivated child will feel a surge of confidence in themselves and their ability. This is my guarantee.

Contact me for a friendly discussion and for further details.

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford


The most commonly heard learning difference, mainly affecting visual thinkers

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

ADD/ADHD + Dyscalculia

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

Dyspraxia + Dysgraphia

Difficulties affecting balance, movement, handwriting and the sense of direction)

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