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Young Learner's Programme

Young Learner's Programme
Young Learner's Programme

The Davis® Young Leaner's Programme is designed to give children aged 5-7 years the best possible start to their academic journey. Preventative in nature, the programme consists of 30 hours of 1:1 work and allows the child to use all their creativity in learning. These habits can then be fostered for their future academic endeavours. The main benefits are listed below:

  • Children are highly unlikely to develop a learning difference
  • Research has shown that a child who completes the Young Learner's Programme is significantly more likely to qualify as gifted and talented
  • Children's basic word recognition will be among the highest expected from their age group

Through this programme, young children develop the lifelong conceptual skills needed to develop fluency in reading, comprehension and writing. We work very closely with parents throughout the programme, and give them the training and confidence to continue using programme related learning throughout the child's academic career.

Do you feel that your very young child is already facing burdens greater than they should be carrying?
Is their confidence and self-esteem already suffering?
Are you unable to find the support you feel they need?

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