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Adult diagnoses of specific learning differences is becoming more and more common. It is affecting their lives in the workplace, their ability to manage their time and commitments, their priorities, their ability to read endless emails as well as work documents, their relationships with their peers and even their home life.

Are you one of these adults? Often feeling at your wits end, like something is wrong, or missing?

Do you find that sitting through a meeting is difficult? Your mind wanders continuously and you often miss large portions of what is being discussed?

Are there certain relationships that are demanding? Colleagues or even friends who simply do not know how to manage well? Or perhaps it is hard to make relationships with others full stop?

Here is what we can offer:

  • Adult Programmes
  • Adult Specialist Coaching sessions
  • Specialist workplace development

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

School Students

Student life is where academic, personal and social development accelerates. Do you find that you struggle?

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

Degree Level Support

Even at degree level, students regularly face these hurdles and more with no clue about what to do.

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

About Me

As a dyslexic myself, I can truthfully say that I understand what it is like to go through the education system and feel lost.

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