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Degree Level Support

Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

It is common for students at degree or college level to put in every possible effort without getting the grades they deserve. Hard work, and effort doesn't translate into expected success; especially frustrating when confidence with course content and theory is high.

An inability to produce coherent and well-written extended pieces of work can have a significant impact on student morale. Once more, students want to focus in lectures and tutorials, but easily daydream, drifting away from the topic. Remembering facts and figures, dates and directions feels an impossible task.

Even at degree level, students regularly face these hurdles and more with no clue about what to do.

Are you that student with no solution? I can help you. Contact me for a friendly discussion and for further details.

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Please note: The additional services described on this page are supplemental to the basic Davis® programmes. They are offered as a separate and distinct add-on to the Davis® programmes, and are provided in distinct contexts on separate schedules.

Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

School Students

Student life is where academic, personal and social development accelerates. Do you find that you struggle?

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

The Davis Method

The Method has helped thousands and is continuing to do so every day worldwide.

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Dyslexia Kent, Dyslexia Canterbury, Dyslexia Oxford

About Me

As a dyslexic myself, I can truthfully say that I understand what it is like to go through the education system and feel lost.

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