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Specialist Adult Learning Programmes

Do you find that you get tongue tied when made to present ideas? Do the right words just escape you when writing or speaking? Do you become easily stressed or overwhelmed when managing tasks, or frustrated because no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to organise your desk, your home or your life!

Statistics say that 15-20% of adults in the UK are functionally illiterate - that is approx. 1 out of 5 adults in the UK who cannot read or write to a level that gets them through simple daily tasks. The primary cause can be traced to dyslexia or another Specific Learning Difference.

Where now dyslexia is better recognised in children and therefore better supported at school level, what of the generation who suffered through daily battles at school, feeling incapable and generally demotivated in academia?

Adult dyslexics are probably some of the most hard working, dedicated, intuitive, creative and verbally strong in their work environments. What is lacking is a feeling of competence and confidence that has continued since school.

O.J. Adult Programme Testimonial

Common Characteristics of Adult Dyslexia

The following list of characteristics of adult dyslexia are not exhaustive, nor will any one dyslexic have all of them.

Reading and Writing

  • Slow at reading or makes lots of mistakes when reading
  • Lacking in comprehension or fluency when reading
  • Lose focus easily when reading or writing
  • Frequent need to re-read sentences for them to make sense
  • Difficulties with handwriting
  • Poor grammar or basic writing skills despite years of practice
  • Spelling difficulties continued from school
  • Reliance on spell-check or grammar check apps
  • Not confident or reliant on others for written correspondence

Organisation and Management

  • Get easily overwhelmed with too many emails or pending tasks
  • Unable to organise calendar and work/home related tasks
  • Hyper NEED to be organised and plan due to fear of mistake
  • Workspace or home in a disordered state
  • Lose sense of time


  • Remember school being a daily battle
  • Remember feeling alone and not smart enough
  • Can be intuitive and able to sense emotions from others with ease
  • Difficulties with remembering right and left
  • Difficulties with sense of direction
  • Difficulties with memory - appointments, lists, numbers, facts
  • Mispronouncing or misreading names
  • Reliant on finger counting or calculators

Behavioural traits

  • In a shell and unwilling to speak out due to fear of mistakes
  • Outspoken or loud as compensating for reading or writing difficulties
  • Low self-esteem and lacking in confidence
  • Very disorderly or compulsively orderly
  • Frequently easily frustrations, angered, stressed or fatigued when confronted with tasks listed above
Specialist Adult Learning Programmes

An Adult Davis® Programme

A Davis® Programme might be the perfect way to bring change to your life!

This is a 30 hour, 1:1 programme that is designed to meet your specific goals and areas for improvement set up by you.
The programme allows for reading and writing precision and ease, verbal skills development, communication proficiency and a big increase in academic confidence!
Furthermore, the programme addresses mental clarify, focus at will and with precision, mastering key life skills such as time management and personal organisation, emotional de-arousal techniques, relaxation anywhere anytime and internal energy level mastery to control fatigue or over-excitement.

Once the 1:1 programme is complete, follow up work can be independently completed, in your home at your convenience and with no extra expense. Easy access to the facilitator also allows for a bond that doesn't stop that the end of the programme should you wish it.

Keen to turn the disabling traits of your dyslexia into the gift of a lifetime? Call now for a friendly chat.

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