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Shweta is brilliant. In the short time she's been working with our family, we've noticed a real difference in my child's confidence and approaches to learning. Shweta's expertise and empathy really shines through in terms of being able to get past those layers of self-defence that learning differences can create to build engagement and progress at a deep level. I would recommend working with Shweta to any family or individual.

Emma Brooks (Google Review; 5 Stars)

I have been working with Shweta for the past few weeks. As an adult dyslexic (now 41 diagnosed at 14) with a high pressured job and studying my masters, I had become desperate to find a way to help me improve my reading and writing speed. After my initial consultation with Shweta, it became apparent that there were so many more dyslexic and ADHD characteristics than I had been advised previously. In the few weeks ( a few hours a week due to work limitations) I have already been able to able to loose the '4 o'clock fuzz' and have already noticed an improvement in my ability to focus on large pieces of work.

Amy Leader (Google Review; 5 Stars)

"A program that is an unlike any other and totally unique in both identifying and addressing the needs of the child both in and out of the classroom. Shweta has an extraordinary sense of being able to connect with your child and understanding their needs/frustrations. With her patience, compassion and unyielding support my children have completed the programme feeling totally self assured, self confident and being able to navigate the world around them with the utmost confidence and success. Thank you Shweta!"

S.C. (Google Review; 5 Stars)

My son has attended lessons with Shweta since sept and in this short space of time his confidence has grown considerable and he has made significant progress at school. In addition, each weeks he comes out of the lessons with the biggest smile. Highly recommend Dyslexia and i.

Robert Drake (Google Review; 5 Stars)

I completed this training a couple of years ago with Dyslexia&I and it blew my mind! I couldn't believe what skills and ability I had because I'm dyslexic. My experience with my learning disability was a negative one. I didn't realise the power I had inside my brain that enabled me to refocus and experience letters and words in a whole new way. I see my Dyslexia as a true gift 🎁 and a blessing. I have the skill set from my training to enhance my gifts and excel. I would recommend Dyslexia&I to everyone, younger and older people alike. Everyone has the right to excel. Unleash the power of your dyslexic gift and live your life to the fullest! You will not regret it. A five star review is not enough... here is 10 stars from me! 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Mr O Jenkins

O Jenkins (Google Review; 5 Stars)

Shweta was courteous, professional, and engaging. My daughter has blossomed under Shweta's tutelage and I would highly recommend having yourself or your child work with her. I believe many learning difficulties can be overcome with Shweta's approach and my daughter came away from the week with autonomy and confidence in who she is and how to 'unlock' her learning ability. Truly remarkable week that has life-long positive changes!

Ashlee Thomas (Google Review; 5 Stars)

"I always get a headache and fuzzy feeling at 4pm everyday, just from the exhaustion of the day. Using the release and fine tuning along with the dial, I can actually feel my headache disappearing. I just can't believe it!"

Amy (adult ADHD programme)

"I'm almost at the point of homeschooling her and bringing her to Shweta as much as possible. Seeing Shweta was great - ***** has been noticeably more expressive and decisive."

Emma (Parent)

"As an adult with ADHD, I have always lived in the extremes, either totally exhausted or too full of adrenalin and energy. I have finally found out what it feels like to be at 5 [in the middle]. Why would I ever want to go back to be being who I was when I am in love with who I am now?"

Sarika (adult ADHD programme)

"Being able to control my visual ability has made it easier to remember what I have read and definitely made it more fun."

Josie (Client, aged 14)

"The Davis programme gives tools, it gives relief, it empowers the person with the learning difference, dyslexia. I find it so sad that all these struggling learners face daily self doubt and lowering self confidence, who could easily be empowered through a programme with Shweta. We have recommended a programme with Shweta to a number of people and all 3 of our own children have completed different programmes with her, benefitting hugely in a myriad of ways: academically, socially, emotionally and personally. It is a life long relationship with Shweta and all my children absolutely adore her!"

Steve and Reneé (Parents)

"Before the programme, I was confused at how other people could finish their work before I could and I was frustrated at how I was the only one sitting next to a teacher when everyone else didn't have to.

But now after working with Shweta, I have mind tools that I can use when I am confused. They make me really happy because now I don't have to sit next to a teacher and I can finish my work at the same time as everyone in school. I can also concentrate more easily whenever I want to and I can use the clay for homework and get 100% on my spellings.

Before the programme I was reading books like 'The Cat in the Hat,' but now I have finished reading all 7 Harry Potter books and really loved them, which were hard to read before I had my mind's eye tool. I use my tools for school and for cricket as I am better at fielding and batting because of being able to stay calm. I feel happier at school and feel good doing my homework because I know I will be able to do it well."

Hector (Client, aged 9)