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Ellie - Client Testimonial

Ashlee - Parent Testimonial

Reneé and Steve - Parent Testimonial

O.J. - Adult Dyslexia Programme Testimonial

Carol - Parent Testimonial

James - Client Testimonial

I have been working with Shweta for the past few weeks. As an adult dyslexic (now 41 diagnosed at 14) with a high pressured job and studying my masters, I had become desperate to find a way to help me improve my reading and writing speed. After my initial consultation…

Amy Leader (Google Review; 5 Stars)

"Before the programme, I was confused at how other people could finish their work before I could and I was frustrated at how I was the only one sitting next to a teacher when everyone else didn't have to. But now after working with Shweta, I have mind tools that…

Hector (Client, aged 9)

“Being able to control my visual ability has made it easier to remember what I have read and definitely made it more fun.”

Josie (Client, aged 14)

"I'm almost at the point of homeschooling her and bringing her to Shweta as much as possible. Seeing Shweta was great - ***** has been noticeably more expressive and decisive."

Emma (Parent)

I completed this training a couple of years ago with Dyslexia&I and it blew my mind! I couldn't believe what skills and ability I had because I'm dyslexic. My experience with my learning disability was a negative one. I didn't realise the power I had inside my brain that enabled…

O Jenkins (Google Review; 5 Stars)